The perfect mix of simplicity, strategy and creative firepower to help our international clients realize their projects.

We are a group of professionals: engineers, lawyers, consultants, translators capable of taking care of any type of project and supply from the industrial automation and petrochemical sectors to the optical communications and laboratory sectors.

Thanks to our personal contacts we are able to reach the most sought after brands and manufacturers and at the most affordable prices, in case of obsolete items we are always able to find a suitable alternative.

All our suppliers belong to certified and well-known brands/manufacturers.  

Adcom Dhahabu International provides a complete service from consultancy, research, quotation up to delivery at the customer's facility. Our constant collaboration with logistics companies allows us to have extremely advantageous prices and fast delivery times all over the world.  

We help clients build their core businesses and identify opportunities to drive growth through innovation and expansion into new products, markets and channels.

We combine creative ideas and strategic execution to build their market positioning as a provider, drive business growth and maximize impact with a three-pronged approach that focuses on people, profits and the planet.